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Justin Bieber Is Finding It 'Hard2FaceReality'

Singer's latest ballad features Atlanta singer Poo Bear.

Justin Bieber surprised fans over the weekend with a new slow jam whose title pretty much sums up the bummer he's been having this spring.

The two-minute "Hard2FaceReality," opens with the lines, "Sometimes it's hard to face reality/Even though you might get mad at me." Over a slow, skittery beat and ethereal keyboards and subtly picked guitar, a sleepy Bieber trades lines Atlanta singer/songwriter/producer Poo Bear (Pink, Whitney Houston).

For his part, Poo was just psyched that the pair's work has finally hit the world and thanked Bieber for keeping him on the record.

"Don't be afraid to stand alone/Don't be afraid to stand outside that door alone/I know it's hard away from home/It ain't easy all alone," JB laments. "Relationships over the phone/Talkin' to your significant other all night long."

The last line has, not surprisingly, led a number of commenters to speculate that Bieber is again singing about his on/off relationship with Selena Gomez. The single is the first new music we've heard from Justin since his digital-only EP, Journals came and went quickly in December.

Last week he made news by offending some of his Asian fans by posing at a Japanese shrine for WWII war criminals and being detained for almost four hours at Los Angeles International Airport for additional screening from customs. In the middle of all the drama, though, Bieber has been working on new music constantly over the past few months, but no announcement has been made yet about when fans can expect a proper follow up to 2012's Believe.