17 Reasons Demi Lovato Is A Freaking Rockstar

From one Lovatic to another, an ode to Demetria’s unquestionable awesomeness.

Demi Lovato is 3 parts badass, 1 part everywoman with a twist of sass and garnished in rainbows. She’s an astral-traveling rockstar, and we’ve got the definitive proof. Bow down, Lovatics, and revel in Demetria’s glory:

1. She Wakes Up Like Dis

2. And Dis

3. She’s Super Patriotic

4. But She Also Loves Canada!

5. She Really Doesn’t Give A F— What You Think About Her Hair

6. And She Takes The Press Very Seriously
That’s her “grown up” face.

7. She Took An Epic Selfie Will Bill Clinton
Bill. Freaking. Clinton.

8. And Another Legendary Selfie With Oprah

9. Umm, She’s A Ronda Rousey Fan
Please, be my best friend?

10. She’s Secretly A Freaking Badass
Girlfran got skillz.

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11. And She’s Going To Save The World

12. Look! She Can Cook Things!

13. She Rocks The Hottest Nails Evarrr

14. And She’s Always Had Impeccable Taste In Music
Once a Crue Head, always a Crue Head.

15. She’s A Warrior

16. She Spreads Love, Not Hate

17. And She’s Just Like You And Me

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