News Flash: Metallica Free Show Jeopardized

The free Metallica concert slated to take place

Tuesday in the parking lot

of Philadelphia's CoreStates Center may not produce the "million and one

decibels" that guitarist James Hetfield has pledged. In fact, if three

city council members have their way, the show won't take place at all.

Council members Anna Verna, James Kenney and Frank DiCicco are expected to head into

Common Pleas Court today to seek an injunction against the event. Lawyer

Christopher Craig told the Philadelphia Inquirer that event promoter

Electric Factory Concerts and the CoreStates Center failed to notify both

the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. and the community of the

event, which is expected to draw 40,000 people.

CoreStates Center officials now say they are considering staging the

concert inside the CoreStates Spectrum building, according to the

Inquirer. Such a decision would limit attendance to less than half

of the number of people who could attend the parking lot show.

The concert has divided residents of the south Philadelphia neighborhood

where the 90-minute concert is scheduled for 3

p.m. "It ain't like 40,000 people haven't hit South Philly before," said

Peter Brown, a local musician.

Representatives from the CoreStates Center and the city council were

unavailable for comment at press time. -- Chris Nelson [Fri., Nov. 7, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]

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