Scans: Chumbawamba, Phil Spector, Prodigy, Ramones, Soundgarden

Everyone's favorite English anarchists Chumbawamba are slated to

appear alongside British soccer stars in an anti-racism video made for U.K.

classrooms called Show Racism the Red Card, according to Britain's

Press Association news service... The PA also reports that

legendary producer Phil Spector recently registered his revulsion

with the Spice Girls during a Q magazine awards ceremony in

London. Calling the pop divas "the Anti-Christ," the man responsible for the

Wall of Sound found on many girl group hits of the '60s went on to compare

the Spice Girls to pornography. "But a porno movie has got better music,"

Spector said...

Since there's no accounting for taste, MTV's European Music Awards, picked by

half-a-million European fans, knighted Jon Bon Jovi Best Male Artist,

while Janet Jackson took home the award for Best Female Artist. The

omnipresent Spice Girls won for Best Group, while Hanson

picked up best song for "MMMBop" and Best Breakthrough Act. Will

Smith, picked up the Best Rap Act nod, Oasis the Best Rock Act

award and U2 the Best Live Act nod. Prodigy took home three

statutes, for Best Alternative Act, Best Video ("Breathe") and Best Dance Act...

The autobiography of former Ramones bassist Dee Dee

Ramone, out now, is entitled Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones.

Ramones singer, Joey Ramone, described the tome as "pretty heavy"...

Speaking of the Ramones, just a year after their break-up, all the band's original

members, including Dee Dee, drummer Tommy, Johnny, plus more recent members Marky and CJ Ramone, will join singer Joey Ramone for a Nov. 25 in-store appearance at New York's

downtown Tower Records for a signing party to celebrate the release of The

Ramones Last Show -- All Access, a CD/Video. The 32-track CD

commemorates their final show and features guest appearances from

Soundgarden's Ben Shepard and Chris Cornell,

Lemmy from Motorhead and Pearl Jam's Eddie

Vedder, while the hour-and-a-half video We're Outta Here is a documentary on the band's

storied career...

Metallica just joined the ranks of the Beatles and Garth

Brooks as one of only three acts to have sold four million or more copies of

five consecutive albums. Brooks currently leads the pack with six albums... Next

time you can't find anything but high-concept schlock in the "new releases"

section of your video store, take a moment to consider low-budget, punk-style

film king Samuel Fuller, who died last week (Oct. 30) at age 85. Fuller

was the director of numerous underground cult classics, including the WW II film

The Big Red One starring Lee Marvin, House of Bamboo, The

Naked Kiss and Underworld, U.S.A....

Punk poet Patti Smith has inked a deal with Doubleday to publish two

books. The first, due out in the fall of '98, is a compilation of lyrics along with

commentary from Smith and portraits by Robert Mapplethorpe and Annie

Liebovitz. The singer will follow that with an as-yet-untitled coming of age

memoir due out in the spring of '99... Fans of the late Jeff Buckley can

find a new tribute to the singer/songwriter on Juliana Hatfield's

Please Do Not Disturb EP. Hatfield, the former singer for the Blake

Babies who brought Buckley on tour with her in '95, eulogizes him on a

track called "Trying Not to Think About It" . . .

Finally, blues hounds who know what's good for them will write to Fat

Possum Records and order a copy of the new compilation Not the Same

Old Blues Crap, which is unavailable in stores. Included on the 10-track

sampler are cuts by (old) newcomer Elmo Williams and Robert

Cage, both of whom will release full albums on the label in early '98.

(ATN's Senior Writer Gil Kaufman and Staff Writer Chris Nelson compiled

this report) [Fri., Nov. 7, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]