News Flash: NIN To Release First Home Video

Techno heavy rock wizard Trent Reznor and his Nine

Inch Nails will release Closure, the band's first-ever home video on

Nov. 25. according to the band's publicist.

The two-cassette box set collection features one video of live material from the

group's 1995 tour and a second tape with all of their videos, uncut and edited

into a seamless stream by filmmaker Peter Christopherson.

The first tape features live performance and behind-the-scenes footage from the

"Self Destruct" tour. The songs featured on the tape are "Wish," "Hurt," "March

of the Pigs," "Terrible Lie, " "Piggie," "Down in It," "The Only Time,"

"Sanctified," "A Warm Place" and "Something I Can Never Have."

Shot using hand-held cameras, NIN publicist Sioux Z., of Formula P.R., described

the footage as "really raw and intense," offering perspective on the band both

on- and off-stage, as well as footage of fans and singer Reznor's shock rock

protege Marilyn Manson.

The second tape contains unedited, director's cut versions of all the band's

videos compiled by Christopherson, a member of the band Coil, who directed

NIN's "Wish" video as well as the previously unreleased clip for "Gave Up," a

track off the Broken CD.

The continuous stream treatment compiles clips for the hit "Head Like a Hole,"

"Down In It," "Pinion," "Wish," "The Perfect Drug," "Closer, "March of the Pigs,"

and never-before-seen-in-the-U.S. live footage of "Hurt" and "Wish."

Other rare or unreleased videos on the collection include: "Happiness in

Slavery," "Erasure (live)," "Sin," "Gave Up" and "Help Me I'm In Hell." --

Gil Kaufman [Fri., Nov. 7, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]