News Flash: Jane's Captures Tour On Film

For Jane's Addiction fans upset over MTV's far-too-brief four-and-a-half song

broadcast of the band's Halloween performance in New York City last weekend,

relief might be on the way.

That's because a documentary team is touring with the band, according to

Jane's publicist Heidi Robinson, although a decision on what to do with their

footage has yet to be made. If turned into a video, it would be the third such

release by the band since 1989.

"Right now, all they're doing is collecting images," Robinson said, of the

ensemble which is currently on a reunion tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers

bassist Flea replacing original member Eric Avery, who declined to be involved.

"No one knows what will become of those images, if anything."

Fans at last week's opening I-Itz M'My Party tour shows were quick to notice

the presence of video cameras and liability notices at the front door. Fans and

industry insiders have begun speculating that the band is filming either a new

home video or Pay-Per-View special, though Robinson insists nothing is on the

drawing board as yet.

Jane's Addiction videos currently available include 1989's "Soul Kiss"

collection, and "Gift," Farrell and ex-girlfriend Casey Niccoli's full-length film/

rockumentary which was released in 1991.

This weekend, Jane's Addiction will make their network television debut

on Saturday Night Live along with SNL alumnus Jon Lovitz as host. --

Jon Vena [Thur., Nov. 6, 1997, 4 p.m. PST]