Beyonce's Influence, Katy Perry's Birthday And Jason Derulo's Wiggle Top This Week's #NeedToKnow

New music from Iggy Azalea and Future, plus a declarative statement from Nicki Mianj round out this week's top stories.

What was your favorite part of this past week? Was it squealing at Katy Perry as her hard-to-watch character Yosef Shulem in the "Birthday" video? Or maybe screaming "Yaaas, girl" over Nicki Minaj's candid interview with MTV News? Or was it finally getting your copy of The New Classic and singing "Fancy" in front of your mirror with a hairbrush mic? (That wasn't just me, right?)

For those of you who Rip Van Winkled your way through the week, go ahead and watch our #NeedToKnow recap before prepping for what's sure to be a ragin' weekend with our coinciding Spotify playlist.