Katy Perry Makes For A Terrifying Clown In 'Birthday': Watch Now

Katy goes undercover to crash real-life birthday parties in her latest clip.

Pop your confetti, break out the big balloons and get ready because Katy Perry is making your birthday party nightmares come true.

In her brand-new video for "Birthday," queen of the #covermoment Perry transforms herself into five of the worst birthday party entertainers ever to crash some real-life celebrations. But as she was completely unrecognizable, no one actually knew it was her.

The "Punk'd" meets "Jackass" video kicks off with the pop star as grandma Goldie, the dancer, who brings lap dances and her air guitar to a 90-year-old's birthday.

Next up is Yosef the MC, who is the DJ at a bar mitzvah, and breakdances all over the dance floor to try to get the entire party to rap a prayer.

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Katy then moves on to the children's parties where she dresses as Kriss the Clown, who attempts to steal birthday presents and inadvertently causes a car crash; Princess Mandee, who may be the worst face-painter of all time; and Ace "The Animal Trainer," who not only brings mice for the kids to play with, but sticks one in his mouth, bringing kids to tears.

Katy continues to top herself in terms of music videos with "Birthday," taking a creative, fun and pretty hysterical approach to her latest Prism single.