9 GIFs That Prove Beyonce Is One Of The World's 'Most Influential People'

Bey deserves her position on Time's 'Most Influential' list.

The reign of Beyoncé has only just begun. Time magazine has revealed their annual list of the 100 Most Influential People, and it should come as no surprise that Mrs. Carter has landed on one of the covers.

Bey rewrote the rules in 2013, beginning with performances at President Obama's inauguration and the Super Bowl, which led into a sold-out international jaunt that she dubbed The Mrs. Carter Show.

In December she dropped her self-titled album out of thin air, tossing out old music industry standards and introducing a new model that multiple artists have tried to duplicate since then.

The 32-year-old appears on the black-and-white cover wearing a two-piece swimsuit with a sheer cover up, striking the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. It'd be easy to wax poetic about Bey all day, but these GIFs also reiterate why she's simply the baddest.

She Reminds Us That Working Moms Can Still Run The World

In addition to being an insanely talented entertainer, Bey is also a dedicated wife and mother to her daughter Blue Ivy (who has already visited more countries that most of us will in an entire lifetime). Blue has been Beyonce's "road dog" while she continues to tour the world.

She Dances So Hard That The Lights Go Out

Because unless you were really a hardcore fan of the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens, nothing that happened during the entire Super Bowl was as important as Beyonce's performance. Except, maybe the temporary Superdome blackout that she caused by dancing so hard.

Her Mean Mug Is Something Serious

Admit it--you could watch Beyonce dancing on the beach for hours. And while all of her moves in the "Drunk in Love" video are pretty titillating, it's the husband and wife tag-team on the mean mug that really brings this one home.

She Reminds Women That Sexy Can Be Empowering

It's almost unfair to try to describe Bey's "Partition" video with words, but this is her reminder that it's okay to turn it all the way on, especially for your husband.

She Always Makes Time For Family

No matter how busy Beyonce gets, she always makes time for the most important people in her life. During Solange's set at weekend one of Coachella, Bey crashed the stage to show her little sister some love--literally grabbing her for a spin.

She's One Half Of An Amazing Power Couple

When Bey and Jay join forces, they simply can't be stopped.

She Knows That Loyalty Is Important

No matter which way you spin it, Beyonce stole the Super Bowl halftime show, but she gave her Destiny's Child ladies, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, a pretty big look by bringing them along.

She Teaches Us That Confidence Is Mandatory

Because even when she's performing at the White House, she follows her final note with that Sasha Fierce look. It's all in the eyes.

She's Here To Break The Rules

In the video for her emotional single "Pretty Hurts," Bey reinforces that ideal standards of beauty should be tossed out of the window. Sorry, if you're not ready for all that jelly.