Lil Boosie's First Post-Prison Album Is Coming Soon

Expect Jeezy, 2 Chainz and T.I. to be among the featured guests.

In his earliest post-prison interview following his release in March, Lil Boosie said that he had more than 1,000 songs written. And now we know when we'll be hearing some of them.

"July 15, I'm hitting 'em with my album," the Louisiana-bred rapper told Complex. "It's a classic, man. I'm just ready to drop it. You know, I ain't wanna come home and play with the mixtape game and all of that. I wanted to come home and hit 'em hard, get that machine behind it, be successful and show the world."

The project, which is slated to drop on Atlantic Records, will be the first album Bad Azz releases since coming home. And he's bringing some friends ‒ who happen to be a few of rap's biggest names, too ‒ along for the comeback.

"I got Jeezy on a record; I got 2 Chainz on a record; I got T.I. on a record," he said with a combination of nonchalance and confidence. "I'm working on getting some more people. The album almost finished. We just gotta get the features, and the samples cleared."

He also said he's returned the favor by knocking out features for all three. Plus, plenty more have reached out, from rappers like Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Game to comedians like Katt Williams and Mike Epps.

Back in March, Boosie made it clear that he had high hopes for both his album and the trajectory of his career. "My music always been based off telling stories and now I really got a lot of stories to tell about my life, what my family went through, what my people went through; I'm more versatile," he said.

"As for the rap game, I feel like the music I got, the rap game wide open for me to take over. I feel like what I been hearing these last three or four days on the radio, it's different from my music, and different brings greatness, so I just feel I stand alone in the music industry to tell you the truth."

Boosie elaborated on those feelings with Complex, explaining what fans can expect beyond the features. "Hard; pain; the light, too," he said. "You don't gotta fast forward no songs. "