Science Bros: Mark Ruffalo And Robert Downey Jr. Cuddle Up For 'Avengers 2' Selfie

So much handsomeness in one frame!

Mark Ruffalo, you sly dog, you. You too, Robert Downey Jr. Don't think we don't see what you're doing here.

The "Avengers: Age of Ultron" co-stars (wassup, Hulk. Hey, Iron Man) shot an arrow of glee straight through fans' hearts with a super selfie posted to Ruffalo's Instagram Wednesday (April 23).

It may look like a little innocent cuddle time between bros, and it totally is, but it's also a total dog whistle for a select group of fans who are no doubt going effing bonkers right now. Oh, yeah. Guaranteed.

See, there's a fandom contingent who believe in a lil sumpin' they call Science Bros, a.k.a. the coupling of Ruffalo and Downey's Marvel counterparts, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. And the duo are totally in on it: Last April, Ruffalo, when informed of the Science Bros phenomenon, told Vulture that he would call Downey immediately and tell him. "He'll love that."

Looks like Ruffalo was right on that one. And judging by the photo's caption, "bros," he's saluting the fans.

Even if your mind isn't on cuddle time in the lab, there's a little something here for everyone: Hungering for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" scoop? Well, this may not be a scoop, necessarily, but it's something. (Come on, it's not like RDJ is really dishing either.)

And, come on: It's Mark Ruffalo in a hoodie. We have just one follow-up question: Have. You. Ever?