Sam Claflin Is Scared Of Literally Everything: Watch

'Hunger Games' star faces his fears in a brand-new 'After Hours.'

Sam Claflin went from YA hero in the "Hunger Games" to horror movie star with his new film "The Quiet Ones." So clearly, he's a pretty brave guy.

And our own Josh Horowitz took that assessment to heart when Claflin stopped by the MTV newsroom recently for an episode of "After Hours."

"I guess I'm just going to start calling you Sam Claflin, Master of Fear," Josh said.

"Well, if the shoe fits," Sam responded.

But when Josh began taking the young star around the office, he noticed some strange behavior. Sam seemed a little, well, on edge, especially when Josh took out the scariest of all office supplies: the stapler.

Sam broke out in a cold sweat, though he denied it was because of the stapler. "I'm English," he said by way of an excuse.

Ok, that's not a bad excuse. But things didn't get any better after the stapler, as Sam grew increasingly frightened about everything from a cardboard cutout of Chris Hemsworth to a plush E.T. doll. It all led to a final confrontation involving Sam, Josh ... and a baseball bat.

Watch all of Sam's fears come to life in this terrifyingly hilarious video. We guarantee it's scarier than anything you'll see in theaters. Well, except for "The Quiet Ones," out everywhere April 25.