Did You Spot Every Hat In Pharrell's New Music Video?

'Marilyn Monroe' features a ton of girls — and headgear.

There may be a lot of girls in the video for Pharrell Williams' GIRL opener "Marilyn Monroe" — duh — but there are also more than a few hats. Yup, Skateboard P. has taken his already solid chapeau game to new heights with this one.

The video, which dropped Wednesday (April 23), features Williams dancing it up with an array of different ladies — including featured vocalist Kelly Osbourne going all Katniss with a bow and arrow.

Every type of woman is represented in the melange, from ballerinas to record store lurkers to a boxer to a bespectacled beauty chomping on an apple. "Girl, girl, girl" — Pharrell's surrounded.

And as if to complement the eclectic collection of female humanity in the vid, Pharrell makes sure to change up his headwear with every scene change: When he courts Marilyn Monroe 2.0, he sports a purple topper; while undulating around Osbourne, he boasts a brown hat with a hole in it (we're guessing from the aforementioned arrow); a red hat goes perfectly with an assemblage of sleek, modish dancers, etc.

Yup, Skateboard P's Grammy night headpiece — inspired by Malcolm McLaren and The World's Famous Supreme Team's music video for their 1982 hit "Buffalo Girls" — wasn't just an idle dalliance. It's apparently now a lifestyle.

Check out all of P's heady looks from "Marilyn Monroe" below:

1. The Purple Hat

2. The Teal Hat

3. The Red Hat

4. The Brown Hat With The Hole

5. The Black Hat