First 'Pitch Perfect 2' Pic Is Better Than A Burrito To The Face

This rehearsal pic is aca-amazing.

Need a little perfection in your life? It's cool, the cast of "Pitch Perfect 2" has you covered. It's better than having a burrito thrown at your face from a moving bus, at the very least.

Rebel Wilson, who is returning for the Elizabeth Banks-directed sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit about an all-girl college a cappella group, tweeted a picture from the first day of rehearsals for the flick.

Co-star Anna Kendrick isn't pictured, so we assume she's off practicing her horizontal running elsewhere at the moment.

Banks has said that "Pitch Perfect 2" will follow Wilson and Kendrick's characters, Fat Amy and Beca, through their senior year at Barden University. Will the Bellas be able to take the national championship again? What will the new crop of freshmen bring? Is Skylar Astin still charming as all get out? Only time will answer these questions and many more when the movie is released in May 2015.