Watch 50 Cent And His Crew Pop A Wheelie In 'Chase The Paper'

50 links up with Kidd Kidd in his latest clip.

Going after that green is nothing new for 50 Cent, who recently ranked fifth on Forbes' Hip-Hop's Wealthiest list, and he's back at it in his new video.

"You chase the hoes, I chase the paper," FIf raps on the chorus to the aptly titled "Chase the Paper." Beyond the braggadocio of the track, there's a notable collection of artists that 50 has assembled for his latest. Kidd Kidd is a current G-Unit signee, while Prodigy, as half of Mobb Deep, was on the label last decade before parting ways.

Styles P, meanwhile, used to have issues with 50 Cent ‒ particularly stemming from FIf's beef with Styles' LOX groupmate Jadakiss ‒ before the two put them aside recently.

In March, 50 revealed how the collaboration came to life. He was in the studio with SP and Kiss, playing his new music. "One joint came on and he just, [Styles] went crazy to it," he said. "Styles was like, 'Oh, man, play that again!' And I was like, 'I'mma leave it, you could just get on it.' "

The video, directed by Eif Rivera, finds the Queens rapper and his fellow MCs in tried and true video poses, mugging the camera and rapping their verses. They're surrounded by dozens of cohorts who show off their dirt bike skills, in revved up shots that juxtapose the smoothness of the beat.

"Chase the Paper" proves that 50 Cent has no plans of slowing down or going back on his promises. With his album, Animal Ambition, set to hit stores in June, he's been releasing a new track and accompanying music video to kick off every week.

According to his site, there are five more releases due before the album hits. Look out for "Everytime I Come Around," featuring Kidd Kidd, early next week.