Beyonce Drops New Music With Power Producer Boots

The track is called 'Dreams' and it's pretty much just that.

Beyoncé has gone and dropped new music — totally sans fanfare — yet again. This time, she's featured on producer Boots' new track, "Dreams."

Boots, a.k.a. Jordy Asher, got more than a little musical shine at the end of 2013 when Bey dropped her self-titled album out of the blue, his name all over the credits. Asher produced much of the record and wrote several tracks as well, including "Heaven."

Tuesday (April 22), he shared that shine with Bey once more on a brand-new track.

"Dreams" is a little sliver of sunshine of a song, a burbling duet between Asher and Bey that makes us think of spring. All the proceeds from the song, according to a Facebook post from Boots, will go to Day One, a non-profit devoted to preventing teen dating violence.

Asher told Vogue that the steps leading to the collaboration were pretty simple: He sent the track to 'Yonce, she sent it back — with vocals.

"I love that the song has me and what I'm doing in my realm and her and what she's doing in hers, and it's so completely opposite but they work incredibly together," he said. "It's the greatest kind of cosign you could get, from someone who truly, truly believes in you. As gifted and as brilliant as she is, and she is, to be able to believe in me in that regard is a really special thing."

When Beyoncé's album dropped in December of 2013, there was much speculation and curiosity surrounding the identity of Boots. As of yet, he has still remained semi-under-the-radar -- despite being a Roc Nation signee — releasing tracks via his SoundCloud as part of a free mixtape. "Dreams," he said on Facebook, is the last track on the tape.

"The idea of it was freedom, in a lot of ways," Asher told Vogue of his relative anonymity — at least when it comes to the pop realm. "I'm free to make whatever sound comes to my head. I'm free to release it however I want, to whoever wants to hear it. And that was really, really invigorating. I didn't court this 'mystery' idea, but I'll go with it, I'll run with it, because it allows me really interesting opportunities to release music and art in an unconventional way."

I'm pretty sure Bey would agree with that assertion.