Mack Wilds Will Help You Dump Your Cold-Weather Boo

'Make sure that you're able to take those cuffs off,' Mack Wilds tells MTV News.

You won't find "cuffing season" on any calendar, but it's drawing to a close.

The logic is shallow, but simple: stay single through the summer and then figuratively handcuff a mate through the long and cold winter months. So what happens when the days get longer and you have to find a way to get back to being single?

The practice has become so popular that rapper Fabolous even wrote a song titled "Cuffin Season" on his The Soul Tape 3.

"There's no easy way to get out of cuffing season," Mack Wilds advised when he sat with MTV News on Thursday.

On his Grammy-nominated debut LP New York: A Love Story, Mack sings of finding and letting go of love. On "My Crib" Wilds finds love in the club and then eventually lets his fling down easy on "Keepin it Real."

"Can't be cuffed, no need copping a plea," he sings, after letting a young lady know: "We both know you'll never get a ring."

Mack doesn't have any fool-proof methods, but suggests that if you're going to let someone go, just let it be a clean break.

"Yeah you just gotta find a way, you have to find a way and hopefully you didn't do anything that makes those cuffs have to be permanent—if you know what I mean," he said. "Make sure that you're able to take those cuffs off."

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