Have Katy Perry's Tweets Been Kinda Sassy Lately?

KP's Twitter is so feisty it hurts. But it feels so good.

Is it just me, or has Katy Perry been hilarious on Twitter lately?

The girl has always had a funny bone (evidenced clearly in the teaser she just put out for her "Birthday" video). But her hilarity has heightened, and I think it happened at Coachella earlier this month.

So much SASS! So much passive-aggression!

I totally get it. Those flower crowns are so 2011. Someone needed to say it.

Ever since then, Katy's been saying everything I've been thinking, but have been too afraid to say out loud. Like that tweet about the breakfast burritos? Who wouldn't want them to pour from the sky?

However, I'm not really onboard with the puppy-breath perfume.

Here, she ruminates on Easter:

Kinda gross, but also strangely picturesque.

Again with the attitude. At least she debunked the mystery of the thin mints.

This last tweet shows that she was funny way before Coachella. #sarcasm

Oh and can we talk about this tweet from Monday? It's so feisty it hurts. Now if only we knew who she was subtweeting...