Jason Derulo Takes The Celebrity Booty Challenge: Watch Now

His new single, 'Wiggle,' is all about butts, so MTV News put him to the test.

If you liked Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty," well then get ready, because you're now going to be all about his next single "Wiggle."

The R&B star's track off his recently released album Talk Dirty, is once again an upbeat club-ready song that's all about a woman's "big fat butt."

"Hot damn it/ Your booty lights two planets/Go 'head, and go ham sandwich/ Woah, I can't stand it/ 'Cause you know what to do with that big fat butt," Derulo sings on the song.

It's clear that Derulo appreciates a good butt, which is why when he recently visited MTV News, we had him "Guess the Celebrity Booty." Make sure you watch the video to see if he could name some famous stars' behinds!

The main instrument on "Wiggle" may sound a little familiar to everyone, since the majority of you probably played it in middle school: the recorder. If you're wondering, Jason didn't actually play the recorder on the track — he told MTV News he "failed that class" — but promises the unique sound of the song will "make you twitch your ears."

However, the recorder isn't the only thing to make a cameo on the song; Snoop Dogg lends a hand and commands everyone to "shake what your mamma gave you."

"I actually saw Snoop at the [NBA] All-Star game... I was like 'Man I would love to do some stuff with you' and he was like 'Well, let's make it happen ASAP,' " Derulo explained of how the collaboration came together. "I was like 'I got this song called 'Wiggle' that I think you would absolutely merk and he was like 'Send it to me man, just send it to me."

The two recently teamed up to shoot the video for "Wiggle," which gave Derulo the opportunity to get to know one of his music icons.

"When you meet people that you've been watching your whole life, sometimes you are impressed and sometimes it kind of takes away from what you appreciated about them so much, but in this instance he matched it and superseded what my expectations were," Derulo said of Snoop. "He was just such an amazing dude and so chill. We had an amazing time."

And hopefully fans have an amazing time watching this video since it has a little something for everyone.

"We had all kinds of people wiggling in the video," Derulo revealed. "From grandmas from girls to all shapes and sizes, colors from all over the world just wiggling."