Need To Know: We Want To Be Wherever Taylor Swift Is

Today's top stories include Ariana Grande losing her cool over Jim Carrey while Chris Brown's bodyguard is found guilty of assault.

Taylor Swift Is Still Making Us Jealous

The singer shared a photo of her bikini clad bod "looking for Easter eggs" on a gorgeous blue-skyed beach. Hawaii? The Caribbean? Or is this honestly California because, if so, final straw, I'm leaving New York.

Ariana Grande Really Loves Jim Carrey

The singer, who dropped a preview of her upcoming track "Problem," on Monday night, shared a video of herself meeting Carrey and totally losing her cool. "All was swell until my mom told him that my first screen name was JimCarreyFan42@aol," she said. "I wanted to die." Stars! They're just like us!

Chris Brown's Bodyguard Found Guilty

Christopher Hollosy was convicted on assault charges after punching a man outside of a DC nightclub last fall. Brown will face similar charges related to the same case in court on Wednesday.

New Discs Finna Make You Dance

The highly anticipated full length debut from Iggy Azalea drops today, the same date we get sophomore disc Honest from Future and a sixth album from fierce female emcee (and sauce aficionado!) Kelis.

A Love Letter To Planet Earth

Happy Earth Day, fellow globe dwellers. What are you doing to celebrate your home planet? Some litter pick-up in the park? Starting a recycling program at your office? If you need a reminder at how important it is to take care of our planet, just turn to the Captain for guidance.

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