RZA Responds To Raekwon: Wu-Tang Is A 'Brotherhood'

'You need every piece,' RZA says after Raekwon said he isn't happy with A Better Tomorrow.

Raekwon has already made it known that he's not happy with the RZA and the direction of the Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming LP, A Better Tomorrow. And the Clan's new single, "Keep Watch?" He hates the f--king record.

But now that he's gotten a few things off his chest, Bobby Digital is responding and more than anything, he just wants the Chef to get back in the lab and cook up some marvelous tracks for their fans.

"He's very important. When you form Voltron, you need every piece," he told Hot 97's Morning Show on Monday (April 21). "We need him there. I want him there. I asked him over and over to be there."

For Raekwon to get involved, though, the business has to be right. But for RZA, it shouldn't be about business for the Wu to come together to celebrate their seminal debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. "It's me driving the idea to celebrate ourselves. Nas is celebrating Illmatic right now. Wu Tang is important. It shouldn't be about a dollar."

"This is something hard to share," he said, measuredly. "There came a time when every member from Wu Tang that was signed from Wu Tang Productions that came to me to be released from their contract. Wu Tang was a brotherhood. As a brother, I gotta give that back to my brother. No record label does that but I did ask for one thing in return. I said Wu Tang Clan will remain part of Wu Tang Productions. And whenever that flag goes up, just come back and represent with me. That's all I ask in return. And now here's a time when the flag is up again, to celebrate 20 years and I'm just asking brothers to come in and put their participation in like I put my participation in."

Now that their feud has spilled into the media, RZA hopes that now that the two have spoken and Rae has listed his demands, that a resolution can be reached that ends with the Chef joining the lyrical fold.

"We did speak six, seven days ago and he gave me his demands, which we presented to the company," he said. "If they can be reached, they can be reached. If they can't, they can't. And if they can't, then we got to reevaluate what we're going to do."