Lil Kim Is Planning A Pink Baby Shower For Her Daughter

The rapper confirms that she's expecting a girl.

Lil Kim showed up at New York Fashion Week in February sporting a very noticeable baby bump, and while the rapper hasn't spoken much about the pregnancy to date, this weekend she confirmed that it will be a girl.

Kim revealed her child's sex on Instagram, when she shared a baby shower invite for her "lil' princess." The event will be held in May, and it looks like Kim will be going all out for her daughter's first soiree.

It seems that the 39-year-old is expecting her first child with rapper Mr. Papers, who she has been dating since 2012. When photos of Kim's baby bump first surfaced, Papers continued to retweet congratulations from fans, and also replied to their comments about a potential name.

And for anyone who was worried that motherhood would change Kim's approach to rapping, maybe not so much.

"I'm still going to work," she said at NYFW back in February. "I'm still going to be hardcore. The baby has made me even more of a beast!"