Blue Ivy's Adorable Pic With The Easter Bunny Is Better Than Stale Peeps

How do you even handle the cuteness? Here's my reaction.

What's better than finding a hidden stash of jelly beans in your Easter basket? This picture of Blue Ivy meeting the Easter bunny.

Well, maybe not better than secret jelly beans... but definitely better than stale Peeps.

Mommy Beyoncé posted some family photos of 2-year-old Blue on her Tumblr Monday afternoon — one of them including a giant, human-sized rabbit. And of course Lil' Carter had a rabbit-ear headband on to make the photo even cuter.

At first I was like... Wait, Bey put up new Tumblr pics?

Ummm, does anyone see this right now?

And then I was like... OMG guys, maybe we should keep this a secret.

Shield my eyes. I can't handle the cuteness.

Nooooooo. Why couldn't I be there?

I think I just died.

I'm just gonna eat all my feelings.