Watch Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Play The Newlywed Game

Spoiler alert: They're terrible at it.

Besties Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have been assaulting our adorable receptors and making us say "awwww" till we're hoarse for months with their adorabro friendship, and their latest offering may have topped even their previous silly hat adventures. Pardon us as our hearts melt, but Stewart and McKellen played the Newlywed Game together and were terrible at it, so how can we be blamed?

To be fair, this latest gem is actually from late February, but we like to think that it just lingered in wait to surface when we needed it the very most. (Remember the end of "Labyrinth"? It's like that. "Should you need us...") Today is most definitely a day that we need a couple of sirs to tell us how delicious Yorkshire pudding is, and also, um, what Yorkshire pudding is.

The sirs stopped by a Buzzfeed Brews event to discuss their favorite foods and go-to karaoke songs and, of course, to be so charming we could just fall apart into itty bitty pieces. Thud. Check out the clip above.