'Game Of Thrones': Was That The Most F--ked Up Moment Ever? [Poll]

The show ups the disturbing ante once again

Just when you think "Game Of Thrones" can't cross any more lines, it draws new lines and vaults right over them.


Last night's episode "Breaker Of Chains" gave us a scene that is up there with the most shocking, disturbing moments ever aired on the show. To sum up, Jaime, in a fit of rage, rapes his sister Cersei in front of their son's corpse. Yeah, we know. There's dark, there's darker, and then there's "Game Of Thrones."

And yet, for a scene so dark it's expected in the "Game Of Thrones" universe, it still came as a shock to viewers. Westeros is a pretty awful place, and "Thrones" fans have learned to expect acts more repugnant than anything they could dream up.

From Jaime throwing a 10-year-old boy out the window after the boy saw him canoodling with his sister, to pretty much everything with Ramsay and Theon, to Joffrey killing a woman just for the fun of it, there is no shortage of f--ked up moments in the show. But which is the most f--ked up moment of them all? That's for you to decide.

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