Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj And Tyga Go Crazy In 'Senile': Watch It Now

The new video for the latest Young Money single is here.

No one would blame you if you felt a little nuts after watching the "Senile" video. Young Money's latest clip, released on Friday (April 18), is full of bright colors, off-kilter characters and otherwise odd scenes.

"It's just basically like some old 'Addams Family'-type, trailer-park trash and Wayne is just like in these different houses going crazy," Tyga told MTV News in March when we visited the set of the shoot of the video, which also features which features verses from Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

Crazy, indeed.

For the opening verse, Tyga is surrounded by some masked dancers who gyrate to the bouncy beat ‒ and the rapper even shows off a few moves of his own. And that's about as normal as things get.

Nicki's verse finds the MC on a playground ‒ but it looks like one you wouldn't want to bring young children to. In between spinning on a merry-go-round and swaying on a swing set, she's surrounded by nearly a dozen shirtless, fully tattooed men. The fellas occasionally trade their grimaces for enjoyable park activities as YMCMB's First Lady spits her verse.

The Colin Tilley-directed visuals round out with Weezy's section. Things start with poses for a strange family portrait with a Santa Claus-looking dude and four others, and spiral from there. From bickering at the kitchen table to running through the house with a blow-up doll to doing the worm on the living room floor, every family's essential activities make their way into the video.

"Senile" is the latest single from Young Money: Rise of an Empire, which dropped in March. The video originally leaked online earlier this week, but was abruptly removed before being posted again on Friday.