Eminem Has Something Big Planned In Texas: We've Got A Few Guesses

Slim Shady teased some intriguing news for Texas on Instagram.

Eminem has something big planned. What is it, exactly? Well, we don't know. Yet.

"Texas - 'Square Dance' with me! Announcement coming 4/22," he wrote on Instagram on Friday (April 18), along with a picture of himself in full cowboy garb sitting atop a horse. Aside from once again displaying Em's sense of humor, the post didn't offer too much. So we're here to speculate on what it could all mean.

He's Releasing His Own Line Of Cowboy Hats

Em has always made some distinct style choices, from velour sweat suits to do-rags. But he's also a capable face of a product, from his days of selling clothes with his Shady Ltd. line to more recent endorsements. Stepping into the cowboy hat–making market will be a bit of a departure, but he could handle it.

He's Finally Shooting A "Square Dance" Video

Sure, "Square Dance" came out 12 years ago, way back on The Eminem Show. But if his "The Monster" video is any indication, Slim has been in the mood to revisit his past work recently. Maybe he'll even get Dr. Dre, Nas, Xzibit and Busta Rhymes to square-dance with him, like he says in the outro.

He's Filming That Western He Was Supposed To Be In

Back in 2006, it was announced that Em was supposed to star in a remake of the 1950s TV show "Have Gun - Will Travel," but nothing ever came of it. He hasn't starred in a feature film since 2002's 8 Mile, but maybe the man is ready to prove he's still got it on the screen the way he wanted to prove he's still got it on the mic with The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

He's Reconciled With George W. Bush, Who Painted A Portrait Of Him

Em was often critical of the 43rd president in his raps, from "Mosh" to "We as Americans" and plenty more. But with Bush out of office and Shady seeming a bit less political than in years past, maybe the two have put their differences aside for the betterment of Bush's artistic pursuits. What better place to announce this than in the former president's home state?

He's Performing At The NBA Playoffs

The San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks are all in this year's playoffs, which start on Saturday. Marshall is known to be a sports fan, and he once appeared in the same "Entourage" episode as Mavs owner Mark Cuban. They probably text each other a lot.

He's Adding Dates To The Monster Tour

There are no plans for the tour to hit the Lone Star State as it's currently scheduled. Perhaps they've decided to show the South some love.

He's Headlining The ACL Festival

This one feels the most probable. The annual Austin City Limits Festival is set to go down October 3 through October 5, and again the next weekend, October 10–12. They haven't announced the lineup yet but are set to do so on April 22. That happens to be the day of Eminem's announcement. And Austin happens to be in Texas.