Watch The First Three Minutes Of Joss Whedon's New Movie

The 'Avengers' director wrote 'In Your Eyes,' a sci-fi romance debuting at Tribeca.

Joss Whedon is currently globetrotting and filming "Avengers: Age of Ultron," but back in the old U.S.A., a new film written by the "Buffy" mastermind is about to premiere.

"In Your Eyes" is one of several films debuting this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, but you may not have heard about it. Director Brin Hill filmed the sci-fi romance more than a year ago.

The movie tells the story of Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) and Dylan (Michael Stahl-David), two strangers on opposite ends of the country that share a mysterious connection.

The first three minutes of "In Your Eyes" just premiered over at Entertainment Weekly, and the movie quickly establishes the strange connection between the two characters. Perhaps it has something to do with their eyes. Just a guess.

The quick preview doesn't show many Whedon-y moments, but how could this not have his personal stamp on it?