Austin Mahone Lets Fans In On The Secret: New Song And Track List

Mahomies who pre-ordered the release got a new '90s throwback track, 'Till I Find You.'

The secret is out!

Austin Mahone delivered a big surprise to his Mahomies on Thursday night, unveiling not only the track list for his upcoming release The Secret but also another song off the album, "Till I Find You."

When fans pre-ordered the album, which drops May 27, they instantly got Mahone's hit "MMM Yeah" (featuring Pitbull) and "Till I Find You." The upbeat new track may sound familiar to Stateside fans who heard it played on the radio last fall. The song definitely has a late-'90s early-2000s vibe, and feels like it could have been featured on an 'NSYNC or Backstreet Boys album from back in the day.

A heavy synth beat kicks off the track as Austin alternates between singing and spoken word on the chorus — another reason this could totally be a boy-band jam. Then he goes all "Sherlock Holmes" as he won't rest until he finds the girl who stole his heart.

"Every minute I'm without you, I lose/ 'Cause an angel touched my heart and took my cool/ Every second burns like fire, I'm blue/ I'm doomed till I find you," he sings on the track.

Austin revealed on Twitter that his debut release will feature six songs plus two bonus tracks, "The One I've Waited For" and "Shadow (Acoustic)."

Noticeably missing from the release, however, is Austin's hit single "What About Love," which he performed at the 2013 Video Music Awards pre-show, as well as that much-buzzed-about collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Shortly after this release comes out, Mahone will hit the road for the MTV Presents Austin Mahone Tour, kicking things off in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, on July 25 with special guests Fifth Harmony, The Vamps, Shawn Mendes and Alex Angelo.

Here's the complete track list for The Secret:

1. "Till I Find You"

2. "Next to You"

3. "Mmm Yeah (featuring Pitbull)"

4. " Secret"

5. "Can't Fight This Love"

6. "All I Ever Need"

7. "The One I've Waited For (Bonus Track)"

8. "Shadow (Acoustic Track) (Bonus Track)"