'Game Of Thrones': 7 Predictions For The Purple Wedding Aftermath

After Joffrey's demise, what can we expect from the HBO fantasy series?

Warning: Spoilers for last week's totally insane "Game of Thrones" are ahead!

If the lesson wasn't already clear, it certainly is now: Weddings in Westeros are dangerous affairs.

Last week, the King of the Seven Kingdoms, Joffrey Baratheon, choked and died in an awful display of blood and vomit. Awful, and awesome. It's one of the first true occasions for celebration on "Game of Thrones," as the show is best known for killing off heroic characters in tragic twists of fate. For once, the bad guys paid the price, and it was glorious.

But now that Joffrey's dead, what's next for "Game of Thrones" as season four storms forward? Here are our predictions for how tonight's episode, titled "Breaker of Chains," will deal with the "Purple Wedding" aftermath:

1. The Mystery Will Continue

The new episode is bound to shed some light on who actually killed Joffrey, but don't expect it to reveal all of the answers — even if those answers are out there, at least partially, thanks to some eagle-eyed fans.

For now, Joffrey's death will remain one of the key mysteries of season four. Even if some answers come to light, more questions about how and why he died will emerge.

2. Sansa's On The Case

When last we saw "the Stark girl," Sansa was fleeing the chaotic wedding with Ser Dontos the fool. He somehow knew about Joffrey's impending murder, leading some to identify him as the true culprit.

Whether he's the one who pulled the trigger or not, Dontos clearly knows some key facts about the poison plot. With Sansa in Dontos' custody, she's our best bet at finding some answers.

3. Tyrion's In Danger

At the end of the Purple Wedding, Tyrion stood accused of Joffrey's murder. Those accusations won't go away overnight. The Imp has been set up for killing his public enemy number one, even if he had nothing to do with the assassination. Now, he's in very real danger of execution.

Some believe that there's no way "Game of Thrones" would ever kill Tyrion. Those same fans probably believed the same thing about Ned Stark.

4. Cersei Heads To Crazy Town

You could argue that she's already been there for quite a while. But now, with the death of her oldest son, Cersei's fragile sanity is about to collapse completely. For all of her sins, Cersei is nothing if not a loving mother.

Now that her joy has turned to ashes in her mouth, the Queen-Regent of Westeros is about to hit her lowest point yet — and there are few things more dangerous than a Lannister scorned.

5. Who Will Sit On The Iron Throne?

Technically, Joffrey and Margaery were married before Joff's death. However, they never consummated the deal. Will that be a bone of contention as the King's Landing higher-ups deliberate over Westeros' new leader? Or will it be a shut-case, decisive endorsement for Joffrey's younger brother, Tommen, to wear the crown?

However it shakes out, expect the Lannister and Tyrell drama to reach a boiling point in light of Joffrey's demise.

6. Melisandre For The Win

Expect her to take some credit for Joffrey's death, if she appears in tonight's episode. After all, remember when the Red Priestess threw those Gendry-blooded leeches in the fire, and said the names of Stannis' competing kings? Robb Stark died shortly after, and now Joffrey's dead, too. Score one for the Lord of Light, if you believe in that kind of thing.

By the way — uh, Balon Greyjoy? You might want to watch your back.

7. Slaying Wildlings, Breaking Chains

The King's Landing drama will be the talk of the town, but there are other conflicts and threats to consider. For example, Jon Snow still needs to convince the Night's Watch to prepare for the assault on the Wall, Arya and the Hound are still pounding through the Riverlands on their way to the Eyrie, and Theon's probably losing another finger or two somewhere.

Meanwhile, in the far east, Daenerys Targaryen is about to make her move on Meereen. Indeed, given that tonight's episode takes its title from one of Dany's own nicknames, expect plenty of screen-time for the Khaleesi.

What do you expect to see on "Game of Thrones" tonight?