'Frozen' Princess May Be Headed To TV

Could Princess Anna be headed to your living room?

Stop everything and throw open the palace gates: Is Princess Anna of "Frozen" fame and glory going to make an appearance on ABC's fairy tale mashup show "Once Upon A Time"?

Well, anything is possible, or, at least, it doesn't sound totally impossible. We don't know if we're elated or gassy, but we're somewhere in that zone.

In an interview with E!, "Once Upon A Time" producer Eddie Kitsis said that the staff of the show was obsessed with "Frozen," Disney's latest animated flick. (Along with the rest of the earth; the soundtrack to "Frozen" has topped the charts for five consecutive weeks, and 10 nonconsecutive weeks, and is just a week away from surpassing "The Lion King" as the animated film soundtrack to clinch the #1 spot for the longest run).

Kitsis said that he and fellow producer Adam Horowitz "would be completely honored if Kristen Bell or Idina Menzel wanted to do our show."

When E! caught up with Bell herself, they took it upon themselves to pitch the idea. Surprise: Bell sounds down for a turn 'round "Once Upon A Time" square.

"That would be unbelievable," she said. "I love that character of Anna so much. She is so exactly who I wanted to see when I was five years old, so she's really close to my heart."

Hey, never say never: Disney owns ABC, so we may see Princess Anna on primetime yet. Dare we say: For the first time in forever?