Miley Cyrus ‘Can’t Quit Crying’ In The Hospital

After a severe allergic reaction, Miley tweets frustration over cancelling more Bangerz Tour dates.

Miley Cyrus is “over the hospital,” and we don’t blame her. The pop star has been lying in a hospital bed since Tuesday after reportedly suffering a “severe” allergic reaction to antibiotics.

The illness has forced her to cancel at least two shows on her Bangerz Tour, in Kansas and St. Louis.

The concert cancellations have made Cyrus a very unhappy patient. The singer has been vocal about her disappointment, posting a photo of herself in the hospital on Instagram early Thursday morning (April 17) with the caption, “I miss #bangerztour #5amhospyselfie so sleeeeepy #medztime,” and a few more hashtags about wishing she could cuddle with her recently deceased dog Floyd, and another asking who jinxed her with all of this bad luck.

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