'Pitch Perfect 2' Is Less Singing, More Roller Coasters, Adam DeVine Says

The star may be less than serious.

"Pitch Perfect," a box office-smashing celebration of mouth sounds and the world of college a cappella, will be followed up with a sequel, but that sequel may have considerably fewer mouth sounds, if star Adam DeVine is to be trusted.

"No a cappella this time," DeVine told MTV News at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards when asked about the sequel. "The guys, we all run an amusement park. We took a left when everyone thought we were gonna take a right."

Wait, really?

No, not really. DeVine hasn't read a script for "Pitch Perfect 2" yet, nor is he officially confirmed to appear in the sequel.

Stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, however, are confirmed for the Elizabeth Banks-directed movie, and Banks was kind enough to spill a few plot specifics to Out in a recent interview.

"They're all graduating seniors," she said of Wilson and Kendrick's characters, who were freshmen in the O.G. flick.

Will the Barden Bellas be able to take Nationals again? Will Bumper be back from his gig as John Mayer's personal backup singer to take a place with the Treblemakers as a super-duper senior? (Who's to say he even graduated? Just because he has a leather jacket doesn't mean he has a Bachelor's.)

"Pitch Perfect 2" is expected to hit theaters May 15.