Leonardo DiCaprio Just Signed On To The Coolest Movie Ever

'The Revenant' casts the Oscar nominee as a real-life frontiersman looking for revenge.

When an actor is as talented, famous and picky with his roles as Leonardo DiCaprio is, it's news whenever he makes a career decision. And in the case of DiCaprio specifically, it's usually incredibly exciting news, given how interesting his choices are.

That's the case of "The Revenant," the project DiCaprio will tackle next with the help of "Babel" director Alejandro González Iñárritu.

According to Deadline, the actor has finally signed on to star in the revenge thriller more than two years after originally meeting with Iñárritu about the role of real-life, 19th century frontiersman Hugh Glass.

Not seeing why this is super cool news yet? A little background info on Glass might help.

In 1823, Glass was working as a fur trapper in what's now known as South Dakota when he stumbled across a grizzly bear and her two cups. (Not good.) The bear severely mauled the frontiersman, breaking his leg and tearing so far into his back that she exposed ribs.

Glass and two of his fellow travelers, Thomas Fitzpatrick and Jim Bridger, managed to kill the bear, but it appeared to be too late. Glass was about to die.

Or that's what Fitzpatrick and Bridger thought.

They were ordered by another member of their party to watch over Glass until he died, so that they could give him a proper burial. Instead, they stole his rifle and the rest of his equipment and left him for dead. (Not good.) Glass eventually came to, finding himself gravely injured and 200 miles from the closest settlement.

The rest of Glass' story is a harrowing story of survival and revenge. He nurses himself back to health and crawls across the frontier to find Fitzpatrick and Bridger. It's like "127 Hours," but if James Franco decided to hunt down the rock that took his hand.

After waiting years to commit to the project, DiCaprio is expected to start on "The Revenant" with Iñárritu in September for a fall 2015 release. And it's probably going to be great.

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