Watch Taylor Swift Surprise A Fan At Her Bridal Shower

Swift's new blog follows her around the party, and the bride's reaction is perfect.

Invite Taylor Swift to you bridal shower, and she just might come.

Longtime fan Gena Gabrielle sent out an invitation to the Red singer, which she found while going through fan mail.

"I've never been to a bridal shower, so we're gonna fly to Ohio today," Taylor said in a video blog from the day of the shower. Her and a bud wrapped up some gifts in white tissue paper and headed to the shower.

When she got there, they casually walked in, but when the bride-to-be saw Swift, her jaw dropped as if she was meeting a long-lost friend. Watch the video. Her reaction is perfection.

Gena has met Taylor at meet-and-greets in the past, even showing off her ring when she got engaged.

At the party, Taylor shows us the favors, introduces us to the family and doles out plenty of hugs.

Get ready for lots more invitations in the mail, TSwizz. I've already invited you to my Memorial Day barbecue.