'Batman Vs Superman': Is This The First Photo From Set?

The film's director of photography is tweeting, and we examine the evidence.

As "Batman Vs. Superman" (or whatever it's actually called) gets ready to start filming in Detroit, fans of the DC Comics characters are eager for their first official look at filming.

The eagle-eyed folks over at Batman On Film are suggesting that a tweet from the film's director of photography Larry Fong might be just that.

The photo Fong sent out on Tuesday shows a Panavision 35mm camera in the foreground and a blurry, suited man in front of it.

From what we know about the timeline of production for "Batman Vs. Superman," it would make sense to assume that Fong's photo comes from the set of the highly anticipated superhero movie.

While that in and of itself is pretty cool (Yay! Film!), what fans are going to want to know is if the man on the far right-hand side of the photo is Ben Affleck. It's impossible to say for certain, and any claims that it is the new Batman are pure (but not baseless) speculation, as people will likely point to the man's height as evidence.

Previous reports have claimed that Affleck, Gal Gadot and much of the crew were traveling to Detroit last week, so a sneaky photo of Bruce Wayne isn't out of the question.

"Batman Vs. Superman" is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016, the same day as "Captain America 3."