Future’s Honest Album: Stream It Here

The Atlanta rapper previews his album a week early.

Even though his sophomore album, Honest, doesn’t officially drop until April 22, Future is giving fans an early taste by streaming the majority of the project now.

Before Tuesday (April 15), the Atlanta rapper had released a handful of tracks from the album. “Honest,” “Move That Dope,” “Sh!t,” “Covered N Money,” “How Can I Not” and “Karate Chop (Remix)” have all dropped in recent months, while “I Won,” featuring Kanye West, came out last week.

“We had a session with me, Future and [production duo] Rock City,” Metro Boomin, who produced “I Won,” told MTV News last week. “At the end of the night, we had a rough [cut]; we had a hook, the first verse and some ad-libs. Future told me to take it home and build a whole track out. So I went and built the track with the vocals, finished the beat and placed everything and sent it back to him. I got a call one day that they had sent it to Kanye.”

Embedded from www.mtv.com.