‘Fargo’ Reviews Are In: How Does The Show Compare To The Movie?

FX aims to re-create the genius of the classic movie on the small screen.

It was the movie that made “You betcha” a catchphrase before Sarah Palin did and made Steve Buscemi synonymous with a wood chipper. Now, it’s coming to TV.

“Fargo” the movie was released in 1996, the brainchild of Joel and Ethan Coen, and went on to garner incredible critical praise and two Oscar wins, becoming one of the most acclaimed films of the 1990s. The darkly comic film is funny, heartbreaking and thought-provoking and also features seminal performances from Frances McDormand as the brave, pregnant police officer Marge Gunderson and William H. Macy as the slimy Jerry Lundegaard. And it all takes place in the snowy vistas of Minnesota, where everyone is as polite as anything, even in the face of darkness.

FX has had some bold series before, but this might be the boldest stroke of all, taking a cherished property, repopulating it with a completely new cast of characters, and hoping it can walk the same tightrope of comedy and drama that the Coens do better than pretty much anyone.

The new cast certainly doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem, as the all-star ensemble includes Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Colin Hanks, Key and Peele, Oliver Platt, and Alison Tolman as Deputy Molly Solverson (which seems to be an adaptation of McDormand’s role).

But can the series recapture the dark magic of the movie? This is what critics have to say about “Fargo,” which premieres tonight on FX at 10 p.m.

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