EXCLUSIVE: See The Cover Of 'Talon,' A Dragon Novel For The 21st Century

A human/dragon love triangle? Yes, please.

If dragons roamed the earth today, do you really think they'd be holed up in caves, clicking their claws through their gold?

Best-selling young adult author Julie Kagawa certainly doesn't think so — the dragons in her upcoming series "Talon" are a bit more social than that.

MTV News has an exclusive sneak peek at the cover of Julie Kagawa's "Talon," the first book of a series, due to hit shelves November 2014. The film rights have also been acquired by Universal, which has brought on Chris Morgan ("The Fast & the Furious") to produce and Jay Basu to adapt the novel to the screen.

"The cover art for 'Talon' could not be more fitting — its elegance, mystery and understated sensuality are resonant of what the readers will experience when devouring Julie's words," Morgan told MTV News. "I am excited because this reveal means the world is one step closer to embarking on this epic story of dragon lore Julie has created."

"Talon" imagines a world in which dragons walk among us, according to Kagawa. "Dragons are my favorite mythological creature," she told MTV News. "All the books that I read as a kid, it was always medieval, they didn't really have any modern dragons. I really wanted to do something with modern dragons."

"So, I thought, if dragons existed today, what would they be doing?" she added. "They're smart, they love power and wealth — I don't think they'd be sitting in caves guarding treasure. They would evolve with the times and be CEOs of billion-dollar corporations."

In the world of "Talon," dragons have been hunted to near extinction by the Order of St. George, a bunch of dangerous slayers. Still, a contingent of beasts has been training in secret, poised to take over the world — a contingent that includes teenage dragon Ember Hill.

Ember and her brother Dante infiltrate the human world — in human form, of course — where the teen dragon finds herself in the middle of a twisted love triangle. Will she choose a rogue dragon, like herself? Or a human boy — with a secret? Oh, and what will happen to the her and her dragon kin?

You'll have to wait until November to find out what happens. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this beauty of a cover.