Kendall, Kylie And Selena Gomez Form A Girl Gang

Can we join?

What do you get when you mix an international pop star with two major reality show sisters? The answer: one badass girl gang.

Selena Gomez joined Kendall and Kylie Jenner for a girls' trip to Coachella over the weekend. As if we weren't already having enough FOMO over the fest this year, this lady vacay really puts us over the edge. The trio became besties while bonding over flower crowns and surprise performances

(including one on Sunday by Gomez' rumored on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber) and documented the entire thing on Instagram.

These photos from their weekend in the desert further prove they're joining Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss on the list of girlfriends we're jocking.

Here's why Kendall, Kylie and Selena are the newest great girl gang:

They Could Be Related

Gomez in a Kardashian sandwich kinda looks like three sisters, right?

They Show Each Other Mad Love

Hug it out, girls.

They Know How To Do A Road Trip Right

"In n out for lunch five guys for dinner #girlstrip," Kylie wrote.

They Get Goofy

Romantic photoshoot on the floor? We're in.

They Live Our '90s Dream

Oversized jewelry? Big headscarves? Boho tops? Check, check, check.

They're Super Inclusive

The more the merrier in this girl gang.