'Game Of Thrones' Murder Mystery: Is This The Killer?

Has the poisoner behind Joffrey's Purple Wedding been revealed? Here's one compelling candidate.

Warning! Massive spoilers about that crazy "Game of Thrones" twist and its aftermath are ahead! Proceed with extreme caution! And do not eat the pigeon pie!

The world's still celebrating the death of You Know Who, but in the midst of all the fireworks and wine-chugging that's going on, we must not forget to ask the key question: Whodunnit?

We speak, of course, of the murder of King Joffrey Baratheon, at his own wedding feast. Who perpetrated the crime? In King's Landing, all fingers point toward Tyrion Lannister, Master of Coin and public enemy number one where Joffrey was always concerned. He stands accused of Joff's death, and even a quick-minded and sharp-tongued fellow like Tyrion will have trouble talking his way out of this one.

But was Tyrion really the man responsible for Joffrey's death? That doesn't seem like the Imp's style, does it? No, it doesn't — and that's because he's not the killer.

If you really want to know who killed Joffrey, you can always consult the novels that "Game of Thrones" takes its cues from. A quick search online will do the trick as well. But as has happened in the past, the "Game of Thrones" show and novels could take divergent paths; the killer in the books might not be the killer on the show.

That said, all the clues you need to identify the killer are right there on the screen — and one eagle-eyed "Game of Thrones" viewer has put them all together in a helpful Reddit post that breaks down who poisoned Joffrey, and how the poisoning was pulled off.

Did we mention before that there are SPOILERS ahead? Huge, honking, massive SPOILERS? Because there are, and we won't mention it again.

The person who poisoned Joffrey is...

Okay, not really, that was just your final chance to get the Hodor out of here. Seriously, you really want to know? Okay, if you insist...

Here's the real culprit:

Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Thorns, and Joffrey's new grandmother-in-law. The scene-by-scene breakdown shows Olenna taking a jewel from Sansa's new necklace, gifted to her in the season premiere by Ser Dontos the fool, and placing it inside Joffrey's goblet while he cuts the pigeon pie.

The evidence is hard to refute. Looking at the breakdown, it certainly appears that Olenna did the deed. But why? To what end? What does she accomplish by killing off her new grandson? And who else was in on the plot? We'll have to keep tuning in to find out the answers.