Some Dude Cheated On Jhene Aiko, So She Started An Air Jordan Bonfire

The California singer drops a video for 'Comfort Inn Ending' on Monday.

Jhené Aiko has plenty of reasons to smile: Not only has her Sail Out EP been getting a lot of love from fans, she absolutely rocked Coachella on Sunday night. So what is it that has the emerging singer so upset in her new music video? A cheating lover, of course.

The music video for Jhené's "Comfort Inn Ending," which hit the Internet on Monday (April 14), features no performance shots from Aiko, just uncontrolled rage and an Air Jordan bonfire.

The clip starts with Jhené flinging clothes out of her man's closet as she sings the song's opening and most poignant line, "Thought I told you not to trust these hoes," as she tosses shirts, jewelry and a pair of black and red Air Jordan XIs — one of the most sought after sneakers ever.

Everyone deals with heartbreak differently; Aiko (at least in this particular video) goes on a rampage, taking a key to her ex's Porsche while his new love sits inside.

"Really, we had the perfect end, that night that we shared at the Comfort Inn," she sings after she comes to the conclusion: "I was not the only one to you."

With a stream of tears running down her cheek, the cutesy California siren pours a trail of gasoline and lights a match that ignites and sends her former lover's belongings up in flames. "I was weak then and you knew it," she sings.

The end of the vid replays happy memories as Jhené and Mr. Wrong frolic in a grassy field, before she is snapped back into her fiery reality. "If this was not love, then please tell me what was it," she pleads while staring into the flames.