8 Burning Questions From The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The people need to know: Was that really Seth Rogen's mom?

The curtain has fallen and the apocalyptic stage decor dismantled from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, but we're not quite ready to let what happened last night go yet. We still have questions. Namely, Seth Rogen, what is up?

Read on for eight burning questions we have about this year's MTV Movie Awards, some of which we were actually able to answer.

Was That Actually Seth Rogen's Mom?

Listen. We have to know: Did Seth Rogen really make out with his mom? Like, really for real? Because that guy went for it. Like, really, really went for it. Mom? What's going on?

Nope, that's not his mom. This might be his mom, but that lady Rogen went all deep-dive on wasn't.

What Happened To Johnny Depp's Hat?

Alternately: Who let him out of the house like that? Also: What? Johnny, we know all the rum is gone, but you can still buy a new hat. Out with the ripped, in with the new. Pro tip: If your hat is so ripped that you can see the rip when it casts a shadow, your hat is too ripped.

Was Zac Efron Ever Allowed To Put His Shirt Back On?

After being forcibly stripped onstage, was the Zefron allowed to re-robe? Because sources say maybe not.

How Long Did Taylor Swift Actually Hang Out With Conan?

Did Conan manage to seal the deal and get some BFF time in with Taylor, or was it really just a cameo thing? And did Conan get a jazzy accent nail at the salon? Pics or it didn't happen. (It might not have happened.)

Wait, Will Poulter's British? And Sam Claflin?

Surprise, everyone is English! Will Poulter wasn't just hiding a spider-bitten treasure chest of junk in "We're the Millers," he was also hiding a charming accent. And Sam Claflin, you may be "Catching Fire," but we're catching on to the fact that you're secretly British.

Is Pharrell, Like, So Mad?

Is Pharrell pissed that Grumpy Cat macked his chapeau style? Apparently not. He's too busy tweeting at Oprah to notice, it would seem. You know what they say: The best revenge is being your best self. Or something.

How Did The Puppies Not Poop Puppy Poop In The Puppy Pit?

When you recruit the most adorable red carpet attractions of all time, it's not going to be all kibble and roses, if you know what we mean. We're both surprised and mystified that there weren't any, um, incidents. Through what wizardry was this pootastrophe avoided? We may never know.

What Movie Won The Most Awards?

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" caught on like a house on fire at the 2014 awards, taking home three awards.