Which 'Game Of Thrones' Wedding Was The Most Shocking?

Red or Purple? You decide which Westeros wedding was worst.

There ain't no wedding like a Westeros wedding, because a Westeros wedding leaves no survivors.


First, we had the Red Wedding, where Robb Stark, his young, pregnant bride and his mother were all gruesomely murdered. Sure, Ned's death was pretty heartbreaking, but this was the point when viewers realized that, very literally, not one of the characters in this universe was safe.

Now we have the Purple Wedding, and while King Joffrey finally bit the dust after drinking just a little too much poison, it's safe to say that his death holds absolutely dire consequences for the realm and for fan favorite Tyrion (not to mention Sansa). Sure, he got his comeuppance, but after seeing what someone like Ramsay Bolton is capable of earlier in the episode, it's possible that there might even be someone worse.

The Red Wedding was certainly more gruesome (though seeing a teenager choke to death on his own blood isn't exactly pleasant), but the Purple Wedding, even in dispatching one of the most hated characters in television history, might have even worse consequences for Westeros.

So which wedding was more shocking, Red or Purple? Vote, and tweet us @MTVNews with your reactions!