Exclusive: Here's The Conan O'Brien Movie Awards Skit You Didn't See

Get Conan's coiffed hair in seven easy steps.

Listen up, lads. Conan O'Brien is revealing his hair-care routine in an exclusive, never-seen-before clip.

The skit was left out of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday... and for good reason: It unleashes all the secrets behind the late-night star's mahogany-carved locks.

But now, since MTV is your pal, we're leaking the answers to all your burning hair questions with this video of Conan in his dressing room before the show. Here's how to get a perfectly coiffed Conan mane.

Step 1: Tease The Hair With A Brush

Step 2: Pull Hair Over Cranium

Step 3: Apply A Thin Line Of Elmer's Glue

Step 4: Pump Some Caulk To The Side

Step 5: Use Packaging Tape All Over Head

Step 6: Buff Your Orange Toupee

Step 7: Bake In Microwave

And you're done!