Grumpy Cat’s 8 Grumpiest Movie Awards Moments

Harrumph... these pics couldn't get any grumpier.

The award for the Grumpiest Movie Awards Cameo? Obviously it goes to Grumpy Cat. (Although Mark Wahlberg’s grumpy old-man speech qualifies him for runner-up.)

From the red carpet to her front-row seat in the Nokia Theater, Grumpy Cat was such a delightful downer. Here are her TK grumpiest moments from Sunday’s 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

On The Way There

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Being Impressed By Nothing On The Red Carpet

During Her Red-Carpet Interview

Crashing The Nail Art Cam

Jacking Pharrell’s Style

Grumpy Cat, Johnny Depp And Jared Leto Tried To Out-Hat Pharrell At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Breaking Conan O’Brien’s World Record

Mugging With Johnny Knoxville

Staring Us Down

Senior Swiftie Reporter, has an unhealthy obsession with pork dumplings and tweeting Liz Phair.