11 Times I Wished Jared Leto Was My Movie Awards Date

He was flawless, and I could've been right there with him.

Jared Leto didn't even need to step on the red carpet for me to deem him the coolest celeb of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. All he had to do was ride a helicopter to the show. And that's what he did.

While I was perfectly happy watching the puppy cam, a tingling feeling inside me longed to be out there with Leto, cruising over Los Angeles in his exclusive helicopter, gliding along the carpet arm-in-arm, gently caressing his chest as the photogs snapped away. You get the point.

Here are 11 times I wished Jared Leto was my date to the Movie Awards:

When He Rode A Helicopter To The Show

Jared doesn't use normal modes of transportation. It would've been a bumpy ride, but I definitely would've been down for that.

When He Won Best On-Screen Transformation

I would've been cheering from the crowd, and he could have given me a lil' kiss before he pranced to the stage.

When He Dedicated It To AIDS Victims

"Love who you want to love, live how you wish to live and never let anyone ever stop you from turning your dreams into your reality."

Well said, Jared, well said.

When He Flipped His Hair With No Hands

He could've taught me this move.

When He Wore That Sweet Hawaiian Shirt

He could've draped his flowery shirt over my shoulders if I got too cold.

When He Looked Too Cool For School

I look great in aviator shades too, but whatever.

When He Made Us Insanely Jealous Of Lupita

After she presented the Best On-Screen Transformation, they lingered together for a bit too long. Hands off, lady.

When He Had To Cool Himself Off Because He's So Smokin'

Need me to hold the Golden Popcorn? Or found the thermostat? I can do those things!

When He Got To Meet The Tatums

C'mon. Channing and Jenna? What a schmoozer.

When He Totally Approved Of My Outfit

Thumbs up for my beautiful dress, which I imagine would've looked something like Rihanna's white robe.

Ok, Lupita, That's Enough

I don't even get the chance to tell her to back off!