That Time When Seth Rogen Made Out With His Mom

The Best Kiss award had its snoggiest intro yet at the 2014 awards.

There's nothing like a kissing contest to inspire some smooching shenanigans, which must be why the Best Kiss award presenters at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards just had to get in on the action themselves.

No doubt inspired by the scenes nominated in this year's Best Kiss category, Dave Franco, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen took to the stage to present the award, but not without performing their own smooching stunt: a live kiss-off, featuring three fortunate members of the Movie Awards audience.

"Three lucky fans will win a kiss with us, live, on this stage," Seth declared.

"We will kiss you," Zac added, lest anyone thought they were kidding.

Audience members were instructed to peek under their seats, three of which were randomly graced with a special golden ticket.

The men onstage laid out the rules: "If you find a golden ticket under your seat, you've gotta get up here and kiss us right now."

Luckily for all involved, the first two ticket-holders to emerge from the audience were a pair of very lovely young ladies. Seth Rogen, however, tried to renege on his end of the bargain when he realized that the women in possession of his kissing ticket looked a bit ... familiar.

"Wait a minute, that's my mom," Seth yelled. "Mom, no! Go back to your seat, Mom!"

But Seth's mom, not one to give up her chance to grace the stage, did not return to her seat. And after one chaste peck for Dave Franco and one sweet smooch for Zac Efron, Seth, not one to renege on an agreement, totally ate his mom's face on live national television.

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Or, alternately, he ate the face of a woman who he was pretending was his mom — which, let's be honest, may or may not actually be weirder than the alternative real-mom face-eating. And if you're not sure how that makes you feel, you're not the only one.

"That made me a little hard while I watched it," Dave Franco confessed. "Is that bad?"

Personally, we're just glad that one of the golden tickets didn't end up belonging to Grumpy Cat.