Grumpy Cat Straight-Up Stole Pharrell's Hat Game At The Movie Awards

Jared Leto and Johnny Depp also tried to top Pharrell's style.

Watch out, Pharrell, other celebrities are trying to cop your style — and one of them is a cat.

At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Grumpy Cat straight-up copied Pharrell's gallon-hat from the Grammys. She shocked the crowd with the imitation felt hat, flaunting it with pure misery.

Jared Leto tried the hat trend to the next level, debuting a tall, straw topper when we presented the award for Best Villain. He completed the look with a retro Hawaiian shirt, and begged for a ride to Coachella.

At the end of the show, Johnny Depp emerged from smoke to give out the Movie of Year (congrats, "Hunger Games"!). Depp is the OG hat-donner, and sported a nice tan one. Except it had a hole in it... You win the night, Johnny!