Channing Tatum Was Silenced By Conan's Dick Pic

The comedian found a saucy way to quiet chatty celebs at the MTV Movie Awards.

Usually, when celebs gets a little too wordy with their acceptance speeches, awards shows pipe in some subtle wrap-up music. Well, the MTV Movie Awards are not subtle and neither is host Conan O'Brien. His weapon of choice? A dick pic.

Yup, as the 2014 MTV Movie Awards got underway, O'Brien showed us his certified "shut up" tool — quite literally — telling actors and bands alike he would whip it out, so to speak, if anyone's ruminations got a little too long. (So many puns, so little time — and class).

The snap he had locked and loaded was censored, but the image of the comedian smiling and pantless — shirt, tie and jacket included -- won't be leaving our craniums any time soon.

Only Channing Tatum, to our knowledge, was flashed the D — after rambling on a little too long after snapping up his "Trailblazer Award."

Maybe O'Brien could be in "Magic Mike 2." What do you think, Chan? Does he measure up? I'm done now. I promise.